A thank you to my Dad,



Do you ever wonder what it was that stemmed the influences of your music preference? Naturally you have to go through the process of listening to a variety of some tragically horrendous music, and some not so bad. It is usually a while until you find yourself settled into a niche which you now desire. It was only recently I realised what shaped my obsession with, and passion for, music, and that it was my Dad. If it wasn’t for the dreaded relentless car journeys to visit far-flung family, where me and my younger sister had no choice but to sit tight and endure the speakers spewing out an all mighty noise, which can now be identified as the Sex Pistols, or the high pitched screeching of the now favourable, James Brown, then I wouldn’t be writing this today. I look back and remember being brought up on a musical cocktail of unwanted punk and reggae that I was too young to appreciate at the time. To me it was torture to my “too cool for school” self, until fast forward to 2015, and I’m in Fiji sat in a circle of locals, around a bonfire, losing myself in a jam session dedicated purely to reggae music, and I can sing along, word for word to classics because of those car journeys I never once appreciated as a kid.

I thought it was important to let my dad know (the old dude who still rocks up at punk gigs, and isn’t shy of a mosh pit, despite his body taking a few days to recover) that he is a huge part of my love for music, and I appreciate all the genres and artists he has ever introduced me to.

Cheers old man!



My love letter to Florence

Florence Welch

Florence Welch is an untouchable, a rare mystical being, forever exhaling her powering spirit. A sense of peace and wholeness surrounds her. Florences angelic mannerism and living passion seeps through her work. Always shedding her love and light, whilst endowing inspiration. A true wanderer who is wild and free, running alongside her heavy emotions. Florence encourages us to embrace our inner masked emotions, and let them go, whilst sheltering us with greatness, with her  extensive warm soul.



Nothing excites me more than discovering music, new or old! I love to share with people my current playlists, and hear about theirs.

I wanted to make this possible on ohanothermusicblog.com! I had a little idea, and it goes like this… “TRACK 4 TRACK

– I will update you guys with the track/album I’m currently really into
– Give a small summary on it, but not an overload of reasons (incase you hate it)
– Hopefully you will like it…
– Then I want to hear from you:
1) What you think 2) Most importantly what you are currently listening to!

TRACK 4 TRACK NO#1 Southern – Cool Kid

Why this?

Southern – Cool Kid  has an easy breeze to it, whilst capturing a summery essence. ‘Cool Kid’ mirrors the recognisable sound of The Kooks, with the added bonus of female backing vocals culminating in a chilled vibe. The soft sound and originality they carry, attracts me most to this band.



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Dorothy have adopted a flawless sound, which fans can latch onto, with the heavy riffs and the banging of the drums doing the talking. Whether it’s a lover acting sour or boss who’s high on power, ‘Wicked Ones’ is the middle finger you want to strike at the world. The new track from their self-titled EP is full on rebellion, and allows you to turn your back on the ordinary. Dorothy gives you a taste of danger, as the vocals warn, “This night ain’t for the faint of heart, cause the faint of heart gonna fall apart.” You can’t help but be left curious, wanting to join forces with the quartet. The female vocals are refreshing against the fierce attitude of the guitar, bass and thudding drums. This unique twist, which the LA rockers exhale, lives up to their edgy appeal. Dorothy’s previous tracks ‘After Midnight’ and ‘Wild Fire’ have already charmed a new following, and they continue to impress.

Follow Dorothy’s Twitter: @itsdorothysucka

Dorothy is available via iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/dorothy-ep/id948401000


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Here is a NYE treat of all the gems that blessed us this year! These are my personal five fav tracks of 2014…

Julian Casablancas+The Voidz// Where No Eagles Fly

DOROTHY// After Midnight

July Talk// Summer Dress

LOLAWOLF// Calm Down

Glass Caves// Why Stay?

[Take a listen + let me know what you think]

+ A big thanks if you have been following my blog! I really appreciate everybody who takes time out, and checks out my latest posts. I love writing and music, and I love putting the two together. I’m so glad I have finally found the path I want to follow, and I’m thankful for those who have made it possible. I never imagined myself being given the opportunities I have had this year, and I can’t wait for the future, and other exciting possibilities it might hold.

I really hope everybody has an amazing and special new year!

Love Rachele



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1545962_10153325197880715_2439394922470995783_n (1)

Ben Howard is an artist who is unforgivably talented, to see the man himself, perform live is not something to take for granted. After releasing his much anticipated album, this year ‘I Forget Where We Were’ it was faultless timing, for him to bring his creation to life, and share it with the thousands of silhouettes, which gathered in O2 Brixton Academy, 11th December.

The show was set to start at 9 o’clock, but his absence became apparent shortly after. The  hunger for music began to build up. Then suddenly, Ben and his band filled the stage. The moment he picked up his guitar any grudges for his delay were lost. Fans roared with excitement and relief, as ‘Small Things’ gently began.

‘Small Things’ was honestly a premature highlight. It would of felt natural to place the song later into the set list. Although it’s charming, slow and steady intro captured everybody’s devout attention. The rhythm picks up and his vocals strain, repeating the question “has the world gone mad, or is it me?” The walls felt like they were closing in, and the gig began to feel heavy and intense. The sudden intimacy sprung from the 27-year-old artist, exposing emotions of potential harsh realities of his past. It was a rare and special moment he had embraced.

The band was made up of talented musicians, including a member playing a cello, which is an unusual, but relevant sight for a gig in 2014. The instruments teased many of the songs with pro-longed melodies, which dazzled and dizzied the audience. Ben and the band create something so powerful on stage, but he gracefully takes the lead, with his husky voice dominating.

‘I Forget Where We Were’ proved itself to be the strongest contender of the night, from the latest album. The song obtained the most confident sing-alongs, and stunning praise from the fans. Band member India dances freely to the loose melody, and those in the crowd swayed in sync to the song. ‘Oats In The Water’ from the Burgh Island EP, received just as much applause. Maybe it was for the playful spin on the live version, which the audience was left amazed by.

The singer-songwriter appears shy from the outside. He does not have a whole lot to say, although Ben did crack a couple of jokes, alongside his infectious nervous laughter. His laid back persona reflects on his image. A casual tee and baggy jeans gives a sense of modesty, as if he doesn’t realise how much he has become, and giving hope he will remain grounded.

The audience craved the Ben Howard songs from his last album, the ones which were overplayed on the radio, and considered his “hit” songs. The desperation for him to give into playing the very familiar, ‘The Wolves’ became obvious as the audience howled the song. It felt as if fans didn’t appreciate the first impressions of the new album, and would rather step away from the new material. Admiration goes out to Mr Howard, as he rebelled against what was wanted, and expected. Instead he took a refreshing approach and ended on a recent single, ‘End Of the Affair.’

‘End Of The Affair’ which began calmly with the sweet sounding guitar rhythm supported by the soothing vocals. This pattern went on for the majority of the single, but then took a sudden dark turn. This turn was followed by the instruments gaining speed, and becoming more aggressive. Ben began to shout the lyrics into his guitar. This was a chilling and unique act. His emotions become overwhelming and flooded the stage. It was so surreal how lost in the moment Ben was, and it seemed he forgot he was in a room full of people.

The show was an entire change compared to one of his older tours. Fans have witnessed the artist grow, and experiment, whilst finding himself. Everything about Ben Howard’s new sound falls into place, and works. Although, it will be interesting where he will take his work next. Fans will be intrigued to see if he keeps up this new darker image, or whether he revisits his old summery tracks.


[footage I recorded from the show]


Coasts// Heaven, London [LIVE]

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The dark and grungy walls of the live music venue, Heaven, were filled with a population swaying towards the younger generation. The youthful crowd grew eager, after support from two very impressive acts, Racing Glaciers and New Motion.

The excitable screams began, as the band appeared beneath smoke and blue lights. Front man Chris Caines, was the last to take to the stage. His presence lit up the entire room, and revved up the atmosphere to the max. With the audience at their peak Coasts didn’t waste anytime, and began the show with the heavy riffs of ‘Wallow.’ Seconds into the track it was clear they choose the right song to launch the show.

The five-piece from Bristol kept the show alive with music from their EP Paradise, as well as a taste of their new EP A Rush Of Blood. The electric buzz from Coasts continued further into the night. The boys stood tall in front of the crowd, Chris was right on the edge of the stage, as he introduced ‘Come A Little Closer.’ They invited the crowd nearer towards the front. Then the fun upbeat melody crept in, and sent waves of sunny surfy vibes, which took over the venue. Throughout ‘Come A Little Closer’ the reality of being in cold, and foggy London washed away. The song flows with romance and summer, and the crowd fully embraced this by swaying to the rhythm. This particular song of the night made it clear to see why they are so commonly compared to the likes of, Friendly Fires, and the more back in the day stuff from Foals.

Coasts appear to be very passionate and share a close bond. The positivity reflected into their live performance, and instrumentally everything ran so freely. It seemed every track they played kept you on your toes, and the exciting buzz was still going strong even towards the end of the night. The songs that received the most love were the very much anticipated, ‘A Rush Of Blood’ and ‘Oceans.’ The thrill reached an all time high when A Rush Of Blood began after a very quick encore. It was obvious the band knew they were in for a treat before playing the single, as the audience cheered and the band bounced off of the intensified excitement. The track that explores freedom and living for the moment gave everybody a reason to forget their worries, and enjoy the now.

Then it was finally the moment everybody was waiting for. The harmony builds up alongside the drumbeat, and here we have it, ‘Oceans.’ Every person in the room sang back the lyrics to the band. Coasts earlier on that day wrote on Facebook about the London show, “It was their biggest show yet,” the indie-pop band claimed. This sure came to life when a special moment was shared, between the fans and band throughout, ‘Oceans.’

Coasts put on an ecstatic show for their fans to remember. Their lively set demonstrated how they sound even better live. They have recently announced a North American tour, supporting Bad Suns, and during the set Coasts promised an album for next year. This means you need to stay up to date with the boys, as we expect big things!



D. Edward// Love Is



Let the soul sink in, happiness takeover and share the love, as D. Edward is about to make your day, with his feel good track ‘Love Is.’

D. Edward has created a masterpiece which combines a mix of modern pop and retro soul sound. The album, which was released in October this year, is named after the single. His charisma shines through the entire song, and the singer-songwriter’s charming lyrics put an instant smile on your face. The sunny upbeat melody sets you free from the stresses of daily life, allows you to kick back and just let loose. ‘Love Is’ features the amazing Grammy winning horn players Steffen Kuehn and Tony Peebles of the Pacific Mambo Orchestra, as well as Billboard Music Award winner Leah Tysse.

The multi-Instrumentalist’s energy is vibrant and powerful, and it’s about time D. Edward stole the limelight, with his first ever solo project, after being a part of numerous groups over a long period of time. 

Keep an eye on D. Edward as his music can only keep on getting better, and bringing people together to enjoy the good times!

Click the link below, and show some appreciation for D. Edward: 



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Embrace the messy guitar riffs, and choke on the grunge. Eugene Quell is feeding us his heaviest sound yet, with his latest track, ‘Alta Loma’.

The song straight away lures you in, and leaves you helplessly trapped inside a dirty sound, which you can’t help but adore. The song is full of ecstasy, and like Quell’s previous tracks the sweet sound of Nirvana still lingers.

Be the first to discover Eugene Quell by clicking the link below:


Festival guide: GirlsXX

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Pre-festival excitement has already begun with Glasto selling out in record time!

I have done something a little different to my usual reviews and music news, but a different is always good though! I’ve come up with a festival first timer guide for girls. Enjoy!

Featured image

You and your group of friends are gathered around your laptop. After hours of violently hitting the refresh button, it has finally happened! The excitement has now begun after going to war with SeeTickets queuing system. You’re now the proud owner of your well deserved festival tickets. With so many bands to see, so many memories to be made… Oh, but then it hits you! “Ahhh! It’s my first music festival. How will I ever survive?!”

First thing is first, prepare yourself! Emotionally, physically and mentally. You can’t let your first experience with the festival toilets destroy you. There needs to be a pre-fest plan put in place, and it’s no A-Z list. It’s just a few simple things to make your life a lot easier, and less muddy. First off, baby wipes! This is the one golden rule, whatever your festival; Glastonbury, V Festival or Isle of Wight Festival. A pack of cheap baby wipes will stick by you throughout! It’s not always easy to access showers, unless you have bumped up to VIP tickets. Dry shampoo and hand sanitiser will also be heavenly, and feel like such a luxury. Don’t forget essentials like a roll on, toilet roll, tampons or sanitary towels, toothpaste and toothbrush! Nobody wants your unforgivable pits or dragon breath up in their face, whilst you get your groove on. Keep the makeup to a bare minimum. It will save the tears for when your favourite bronzer has been demolished. Don’t cancel out all makeup because you don’t want to feel inhuman, but just understand that your new home is now in a middle of a field, less is more people! Clothes wise you need to remember not to get too carried away, as you will be carrying this all on your back or dragging it helplessly across the grass. Depending on how long the festival is, bring what you think you need, and then takeaway a dress or a couple of tops from the equation.

Now to the fun part, the festival itself! You and your friends have arrived. It’s finally happening, and yes, it is a little bit terrifying. It’s fine! Just embrace a ‘go with the flow attitude’ and grab a drink. Start talking to other festival goers, and find out the best camps to stay in. Then hopefully become the best of friends, and drop sly hints when it comes to the catastrophe of setting up the tent. Yikes! Once you and the gang have got your wonky tent set it’s time to purchase a planner. The band clashing will infuriate you, but it saves the heartbreak of missing your number one band. Be sure to find out where the local supermarket is, as it will be much cheaper to stock up on food and drink, than living off of festival food and their ridiculous prices. Make sure your money is kept safe, as well as your ID and other valuable items. It is also important to keep your phone charged, so that family, friends and Facebook are kept up-to-date on your crazy weekend antics. Another thing to remember, it is socially acceptable to now have glitter smeared across your face, or face paint dotted around your eyes, good times!

The headliner of the final night shouts out the lyrics as the set comes to an end, the crowd roars and the energy is overpowering. Then within a matter of minutes everything is over. The post-festival blues have already come to haunt you. There are a final do’s and don’ts even after a music festival. Twitter and Facebook would be the first place you take to with your hundreds of amazing memories, but remember this isn’t Piczo, and “kodak moments” isn’t a thing anymore. Don’t give your well earned Twitter followers, and Facebook friends a reason to leave you. Do check out to see when the festival highlights are on TV or on YouTube, and then freely reminisce all you want in the comfort of a real life bed, and not a soggy sleeping bag. Don’t get too carried away and buy all of the latest CD’s from all the acts you fell in love with, but do start saving for next years festivals, as you’re already itching to go back.

Now that you’re particularly Queen Bee of all music festivals it’s time to share your admirable wisdom, with all of the festival newbies you once belong to.